At EdgeTechies, we're a team of creative technology enthusiasts committed to helping organizations thrive by leveraging innovation, creativity & technology for sustained peak performance. We're not just a tech company; we're your partners in driving innovation, building capacity and achieving sustainable growth.


We offer a collection of software-as-a-service solutions to help clients leverage technology to drive efficiency, optimize operations, and boost their overall performance. Our growing library of off-the-shelf and boutique software solutions, alongside others provided in collaboration with our partner companies, makes it possible to meet the demands of a broad range of customers across different industries and markets.


Whether you're looking to launch a new product, raise funding for the next phase of your expansion, adopt new methodologies to grow your revenue or explore completely new verticals to step-change your profitability & impact, our seasoned team of business developers have got the mettle to help you scale through with ease.

Capacity Building

We take a hands-on approach to help build your capacity to do & achieve more through our consulting, training & job shadowing programs- from leadership development to customer service, project management, HR etc. Beyond meeting your capacity building needs, we help to plug any morale gap & incorporate a culture that sustains the transformation. We also run & fund other special initiatives to build capacity across various social strata.

Featured below are a few of our SAAS offerings for you to explore. Other customized solutions are available per inquiry


Elevate your property management with PropHandler. Streamline tasks effortlessly, from tenant relations to maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Gain valuable insights through powerful analytics, enhancing decision-making for optimized property performance. Enjoy seamless communication between stakeholders, fostering collaboration and peace of mind. PropHandler is the Nexus, where simplicity meets efficiency for a future-ready real estate experience


Ileiwe is a School Management application that is specifically designed to handle the most complex, sensitive and volatile operations of a school. Operations which includes, but not restricted to, students’ admission, students’ academic records, medical records, student billing information, students’ report at the end of the term, school programs and events, school news and updates etc. The solution is currently being remodeled to serve our customers even better. Click the button below to check out Ile-Iwe. Kindly reach out for demo account details via contact form.


Chotcut provides retailers with tools & infrastructure to help them sell online while helping shoppers access varieties of goods from the comfort of their homes. With a vision to become Africa's top destination for shopping essentials, the chotcut solution enables businesses & retailers to plug into a seamless technology infrastructure to reach and cater to the needs of a growing online customer base that prioritizes comfort and a great user experience.


Suites booking is a comprehensive booking package used to manage allocation of rooms in hotels and other hospitality outfits. It enables facility managers get necessary oversight per time while making it easy to compute accounting status and generate reports whenever they deem fit. Academy suites is one of the earliest pioneers of our bookings solution. Check out use cases of the solution below.


The Edge Hospital Management Solution is an on-premise solution specially designed to aid smooth and efficient administration of health care services at Hospitals of different sizes. The solution is a modular hospital management system which covers the financial, operational, and clinical requirements of healthcare providers, with both offline and online options that are fully customizable to suit management preferences.

Below are highlights of a few of our recent business development engagements


HelpMum, is a healthcare service that tackles the maternity problem by using low-cost innovations and the power of mobile technology. The social enterprise offers inexpensive, sterilised birth kits containing 11 essential supplies required at childbirth to ensure a clean, safe and hygienic delivery. Edgetechies is proud to have helped lay the foundation of the social enterprise at its earliest stages and continues to provide advisory support that translates to continued success. Click the link below for more info


Lodre main market is conceived with the objective of facilitating bulk trade from African manufacturers and wholesalers to customers within and outside of the African continent, making it easier to address the supply and demand gaps in the African manufacturing industry and the global commerce ecosystem. Edgetechies is proud to have helped put the business plan, market penetration strategy and financials together. Clip shows snippets from the unveiling event


Cakes de Porche is a confectionery and catering services business with a specialty in the production of various delectable cakes and desserts. The CEO engaged us to help take the business beyond a revenue plateau and attain the next level of growth. Our consultants led a focused effort to revisit the business fundamentals and craft a new business plan, coupled with strategic business development support over the course of the engagement to produce astounding turn-around business results


BoldView is an African-focused talent investor that seeks to identify talented entrepreneurs and equip them to build global companies. Boldview is fine-tuning a model that aids in selecting exceptional people for their potential to co-found globally important companies. They are then given the opportunity to test partnerships, find their ideal co-founder, and build from scratch through our program. The business development team at Edgetechies is working alongside various partners to test and pilot this model

Below are highlights of a few of our capacity development projects

Train & Upskill

We offer an array of training and skill-up programs to individuals and organizations at different levels to boost their performance, prospects & productivity. We also have curriculums for students at both the tertiary & secondary levels to help them acquire valuable skillsets and lay solid foundations for their careers. In essence, whatever training needs you have, whether as an individual or organization, we are excited to engage with you and deliver beyond your expectations. Click below to benefit.

SkillHer Initiative

The SkillHer initiative is set up to be a platform where girls and young women are empowered to create opportunities for themselves and others. Through a series of training programs, skill acquisition workshops, mentorship and networking events. Girls and women are equipped to be able to earn a decent living through an array of carefully curated skills and thereby enabled to support themselves and their families as the case may be.


ClassEquip is conceived as a concerted effort to transform education in Africa, one classroom at a time. We're piloting a model that aids teachers and other stake holders in Education to drive change through advocacy and attracting resources to fix critical challenges within their circle of influence, as a way to eliminate the barriers that stand in the way of delivering engaging classroom experiences that guarantee the best learning outcomes for students.

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