• Through our product engineering department, we turn innovative in-house and client concepts into amazing products.
  • In brand development, we carve appealing identities both online and offline for value-adding projects and enterprises.
  • Our capability development objective is to groom talents and build a world-class 'army' of tech-savvy problem solvers.


Highlighted below are some of the projects we've been up to lately across our three core business functions.




Agriteer is a client product that seeks to reduce agricultural post harvest losses one community at a time. We are collaborating with the team to help build the technology support framework for an agricultural services ecosystem which aims to help farmers add value to their crops and drastically reduce post-harvest losses. Follow the link below to checkout Agriteer



FaithZone is an in-house Edgetechies product that is being developed as a platform to enable people share success stories to inspire others and keep track of the daily blessings they're grateful for. The concept emerged from one of our product-ideas brainstorming sessions and will be piloted in Nigeria. Now in its Open Beta test stage, you can get the app download here
Faith Zone


"100/10 ACADEMY"

The 100/10 Academy is a self-development, non profit-making Club, which was founded in Ibadan in February 2006. The Abeokuta branch followed in February 2007. The Acacdemy is an assemblage of practical, honest, humble & charitable entrepreneurs that use the spirit of perseverance & patience to generate wealth. The Edgetechies team stepped in to help the Acdemy get a worthy online presence and host its vast repository of materials in a central digital space, making the resources readily available for its members far and wide.
100/10 ACADEMY



Wake up and Smell the coffee (abbreviated smelldcoffee) is a knowledge sharing and thought leadership event for Nigerian undergraduates. During it's 4th edition, the Edgetechies team stepped in to help the brand in getting a worthy online presence and expand its reach by several folds. This has earned the brand series of local and global recognitions including the 2016 washington Mandella Fellowship



As one of our capability development initiatives which spans consulting, corporate training programmes, focus group workshops, tech events etc, we structured the Edgetechies talent mine to accelerate the growth of the budding tech scene in Nigeria while introducing software development to secondary school students and selected first year undergraduates. The intensive training curriculum is offered at a highly discounted rate, with full scholarships also provided on a rolling basis to qualified candidates.
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